About me

“When we arrived in Baku it was dark,” wrote my 9 year old son “and my mom said it would all look better in the morning, but it didn’t.”  So began our family’s expatriate life in 1996 when we went to live in Azerbaijan.  Since then we’ve lived in Egypt and the UAE and repatriated to our home in Canada three times.  We’ve lived in  a crumbling Soviet apartment and a 5 star hotel and everything in between.  I gave up my career in real estate to be an expat and for a while was a stay-at-home mom and volunteered for a lot of good causes.

Now I’ve come full circle, having repatriated to Canada in 2009, and I’m back working in real estate.  I volunteer with Families in Global Transition and my local Newcomers Club, making use of my new skills in social media to help other expats adjust to this fascinating and sometimes crazy lifestyle.

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