How Travel Can Change Your Life

Do you ever stumble around the internet, finding one great site after another?  I just did this morning and want to share a couple of websites I’ve found which demonstrate how being an expat can dramatically change your outlook and your life.

The first one is quite lighthearted, Where The Hell Is Matt? (which I came at through the website of a fellow Canadian expat, Susan Macaulay, Amazing Women Rock).  I had seen Matt’s “Dancing” video before but never read the full story.  He was a video game designer, working in Los Angeles who got an opportunity to move to Australia for his job.  Living there inspired him to start travelling and he took videos of himself dancing in various far flung spots as gag souvenirs of the places he’d visited.  When he posted them on his blog, they went viral and since then he’s been travelling all over the globe making more videos.  He’s an accomplished public speaker and who knows what kind of a career he’ll make from it.

The second, more serious one, is Greg Mortenson’s website, which I came across through reading his book Three Cups of  Tea.  He’s an Adult MK (Missionary Kid) who spent months living in a small village in Pakistan after a failed attempt to climb K2. In order to repay the help and friendship offered him he vowed to return and build a school.  Since then he’s built 131 schools in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan through his Central Asia Institute.  His book is a combination of adventure story, travelogue and inspiration, I couldn’t put it down, and his second one, Stones Into Schools, is on my wish list.

These are very different stories but in both the experience of living in another country fundamentally changed not only the lives of these two people and but no doubt the lives of many others they have touched.

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4 thoughts on “How Travel Can Change Your Life

  1. I was given Three Cups of Tea as a gift, but it’s just been sitting on my shelf for ages–you’ve inspired me to finally dust it off! And Where the Hell is Matt is hysterical–thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hey! Thanks for the link to 🙂 Love your blog and all the great stories about expat life. I’ve been living it for 17 years in United Arab Emirates, and it’s been a wonderful adventure.

    I wonder if you saw some of my stories as well as those of my friend, the late Gertrude Dyck. In case you haven’t, they are at these links: and

    Let me know if you would like to write a guest blog post for AWR 🙂

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