10 Reasons to Volunteer

Raise HandI mentioned volunteering in an earlier post on making friends, but it deserves an entry on its own because I think it’s so important, not just for expats but for everyone.

My first volunteer experience was at the age of 14 when my mom asked me and my best friend to run the White Elephant stall at the local church bazaar. My mom was always volunteering, maybe it’s genetic, because I’ve been putting my hand up for stuff ever since – I don’t seem to be able to stop myself.

Since then I’ve edited a newsletter, balanced the budget for a daycare centre, tutored English, edited a book, run a retail store, organized charity runs and attended more meetings than I care to remember. Right now I’m volunteering as the social media maven for Families in Global Transition and learning all about this new marketing medium in the process.

Why? Certainly not because I’m a better person than most.

  1. It’s been fun. 
  2. I’ve met a huge variety of people I never would have done otherwise.
  3. It’s a good way to make friends.
  4. I’ve learned a lot.
  5. It’s really hard to get fired. 😉
  6. You get thanked all the time.
  7. I’ve been given a chance to do jobs that no one would have ever given me if they’d been paying me.
  8. It’s really improved my resume.
  9. I’ve gained a lot of personal confidence.
  10. Oh, and I almost forgot, it’s the right thing to do!

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3 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Volunteer

  1. I volunteered as well and I found it a great way to meet people, gain some experience and some respect from employers as well. It”s a win-win situation!

  2. Our volunteering is what keeps us able to travel and stay together as a family. We are members of WWOOF – Willing Workers On Organic Farms. We give free labor to organic farms in exchange for (usually) food and a place to stay. It’s great to do internationally, because you really experience what a family in that country lives like, and it really helps out organic farming wherever you live. The people involved are usually very open-minded and have either traveled themselves or met people from all over the world. It’s fantastic.

    • Leighann, what a fabulous vacation idea! I love staying with local people too as it gives you a much deeper insight into the country you’re visiting. Not sure I’d be much use as a farm worker at my age – but a great way to travel on a modest budget when you’re young.

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